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    特性描述Feature description
    主要特点Major characteristics
    以电能为能源,无噪音、绝无污染。采用优质加热管,表面热负荷低,热效率高。采用硅酸铝纤维毯多层保温,宝钢镀铝锌彩涂板外包装;两端采用活体包装盖,方便安装检修。Electricity as energy, no noise and pollution. Adopt quality heater, its surface heat load is low and heat efficiency is high. Adopt alumina silicate tapetum fibrosum multi-layer heat preservation, packaged by Baosteel aluminum-zinc color coated sheet; adopt living body packaging cover at both ends, convenient for installation and maintenance.
    1.采用优质的电加热管,其表面负荷低,使用寿命长。Adopt quality electric heater, its surface load is low and service life is long.
    2.启动、停止速度快,运行负荷调节范围大,调节速度快,操作简单。Startup and shutdown speeds are rapid, running load adjustment scope is wide, regulation speed is quick and operation is simple.
    3.加热元件根据温差及负荷的变化自动调整加热管的投入组数,并可自动转换投入次序,不仅节约能耗,而且使每组加热管的运行时间均衡,从而均匀加热管的寿命。According to temperature difference and load change, heating element can adjust input number of heating tube group automatically and can switch input sequence automatically, not only saving energy consumption, but making the running time of each group heating tube balance, and thus prolong the service life of heating tubes.
    4.加热元件亦可手动投入或停止,方便用户灵活调整锅炉发热量。Heating elements can also be manual input or shutdown, convenient for users to adjust boiler heat productivity flexibly.
    5.采用先进的电脑锅炉控制器,具有性能可靠、自动化程度高、使用方便等优点。Adopt advanced computer boiler controller, having the advantages of reliable performance, high automation and convenient use.
    6.使用配件均选用国内外优质产品,并经测试检验,保证了锅炉的长期稳定运行。 Accessories select the global quality product and pass testing, to ensure long-term stable running of boiler.
    7.大功率电蒸汽锅炉采用炉体与控制柜分离方式,避免了电器元件受热而影响使用.High power electric steam boiler adopts the separation mode of furnace body and control cabinet, avoiding affecting use of electrical equipment element due to heating.
    ?;すδ?Protection function
    1.电源异常?;すδ埽汗⒖掏V乖诵?。Power source abnormity protection function: boiler stops running immediately.
    2.漏电?;すδ埽嚎刂葡低臣觳獾降缛仍┑绾?,将自动切断电源。Earth leakage protection function: after control system detects electric leakage of electric heating element, it will cut off power source automatically.
    3.缺水?;ぃ旱比彼奔笆鼻卸霞尤裙芸刂频缏?,防止加热管发生干烧损坏,同时控制器发出缺水报警指示。Water shortage protection: cut off heater control circuit timely when boiler is water shortage, to prevent dry combustion of heater and give water shortage alarm indication at the same time.
    4.电源异常?;すδ埽汗⒖掏V乖诵?。Power source abnormity protection function: boiler stops running immediately.
    产品用途Product use

    为食品加工、印染、制药提供生产用汽,医疗机构提供消毒用汽,为其它企事业、宾馆的采暖提供蒸汽,亦可通过水箱加热提供生活热水。Provide production steam for food processing, printing and dyeing and pharmacy, provide degassing steam for medical establishment, provide steam for heating of other enterprise, public institution and hotel, and also provide domestic hot water through heating of water tank.




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