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    特性描述Feature description
    主要特点Major characteristics
    1.锅炉水容量少,产汽快,满足用户需求;Boiler water volume is small and produces steam is quick to satisfy demand of users.
    2.位于锅炉上部大容量环形蒸汽室和锅内汽水分离措施,确保随时提供高品质蒸汽;Large volume circular steam chamber on the upper part of boiler and steam- water separation measure in the boiler ensures to provide high quality steam all the time;
    "3.炉体内置极低水位?;ぷ爸?,随时检测炉体内水位变化,避免炉体干烧,发生安全事故;Equip with extreme low water level protection device in the furnace body to detect water level change in the furnace body at any time, avoiding furnace body dry combustion and occurring safety accident;"
    "4.配备优质安全阀、截止阀、液位电极(日本欧姆龙)压力表及压力控制器等安全附件,确保锅炉可靠运行;Equip with quality safety valve, stop valve, liquid level electrode (Japan Omron) pressure gage, pressure controller and other safety accessories, to guarantee reliable running of boiler;"
    5.配备高品质水位计,锅炉水位清晰可辩;Equip with high quality fluviograph and boiler water level can be seen clearly;
    "6.尾部烟道可以加装冷凝器,实现余热回收,提高锅炉效率。The tail gas flue can be equipped with condenser, to realize waste heat recovery and improve boiler efficiency."
    "7.烟管内置经特殊设计的扰流片,强化对流换热,提高热效率;Equip with stainless spoiler in the flue pipe, reduce combustion smoke speed, and strengthen heat exchange and improve heat efficiency;"
    "8.立式结构,紧凑而美观,占地面积小,造型优雅,色泽明快;Vertical type structure, compacted and beautiful, small floor area, elegant appearance and bright color;"
    "9.可选配高性能PLC和5.7”触摸屏控制系统,抗干扰能力强,维修方便,工作安全可靠,确保锅炉在恶劣环境下,长期稳定工作;Select high performance PLC and 5.7” touch screen control system optionally, strong capacity of resisting disturbance, convenient maintenance, reliable work safety, to ensure long-term stable work of boiler under bad environment;"
    ?;すδ躊rotection function
    "1.超压联锁?;ぃ汗谘沽Τ瓒ㄖ凳?,禁止加热器工作并报警提示。Overpressure interlocking protection: when the internal pressure of boiler is higher than set value, prevent heater working and give alarm prompt."
    "2.漏电?;すδ埽嚎刂葡低臣觳獾降缛仍┑绾?,将自动切断电源。Earth leakage protection: after control system detects electric leakage of electric heating element, it will cut off power source automatically."
    "3.缺水?;ぃ旱惫彼奔笆鼻卸霞尤裙芸刂频缏?,防止加热管发生干烧损坏,同时控制器发出缺水报警指示。Water shortage protection: cut off heater control circuit timely when boiler is water shortage, to prevent dry combustion of heater and give water shortage alarm indication at the same time."
    "4.过流?;ぃ旱惫汉桑ǖ缪构撸┕ぷ魇?,漏电断路器自动断开。Overcurrent protection: when boiler is working overload (voltage is too high), electric leakage breaker will cut off automatically."
    产品用途Product use

    "为食品加工、印染、制药提供生产用汽,医疗机构提供消毒用汽,为其它企事业、宾馆的采暖提供蒸汽,亦可通过水箱加热提供生活热水。Provide production steam for food processing, printing and dyeing and pharmacy, provide degassing steam for medical establishment, provide steam for heating of other enterprise, public institution and hotel, and also provide domestic hot water through heating of water tank."




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